Natural stone countertops, clean, remove etch marks, polish and seal.

Natural Stone Countertops, Clean, Remove Each Mark, Polish and Seal

Silver Knights Floor Restoration offers high quality service in commercial and residential areas. Our quality service is based on the use of innovation on the tools that we use to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients.

We work with high quality that's why we are the best in Las Vegas, NV.

When we clean showers and countertops, we use soap scum remover, klenzall, and a heavy duty alkaline cleaner to help the stone get rid of all the soap scum, shampoos and any dirt once we remove the soap scum etc.

We remove any stains caused by harsh chemicals like bleach, vinegar, hair products, or any kind of mark on the stone.


Once all the stains and each mark is removed, we diamond polish the surface to bring it back to a shiny life. Last but not least, we use a heavy duty sealer to keep those surfaces protected.

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